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Reaching Up

I saw the photo below and I had to ask myself, am I the one reaching up or am I the one helping up the other person? I hope I am both.

Reaching up means I am willing to learn more, be better, acknowledge my strengths yet accessing my weaknesses with an eye to both strengthening that weakness or including others to make up for my weaknesses. Reaching up keeps me engaged in my lifelong learning plan for human growth.

But being the person helping the other person is also who I am. A mother first and always. Always ready to help a family member or friend (I admit the workaholic in me could do better.) And a coach to those who seek me out. I want to help those looking for answers to issues we all face, like grief, disappointment, diet troubles, illness, redirection due to external factors, even resolution and answers to common questions that affect our daily lives.

Check out our expanding panel of group classes to see where we can hold out a hand to you.

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