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The 5 Most Important Plans For The New Year

Life is a balance. A give and take. The ying and yang of energy. A flow of between those things important to you. Let's take the top 5 areas of your life and discuss how you can bring better balance to your life:

1. Physical/Health: Have we learned that part of life is fitting in the routine of what we NEED in our life. Brushing our teeth at least morning and night. Bathing when needed. Washing clothes and cleaning your home. Exercise for your muscles and your lungs. And eating right to maintain a near average body weight. This is the most easily ignored goals as we can say we will do it another day. Instead make this the first priority. Your top priority. Make you come first in your life.

2. Family/Relational/Social: After almost a year of social distancing, we all miss our families, our friends, and our social interactions - OFF line. We need the happy smiles of our mothers, the hugs from our friends, and the assurances we will be ok for tomorrow. Until we can do what you need to do to reach out and be there for others.

3. Spiritual/Value. I lose touch with my spirituality too often. My values seem to be a constant, but what if a value if not put into action? Reveal your values and your spirituality through your actions. Figure out how to ACT your spirituality. As I write this I know in my heart it's an area where I must be better; I must do better.

4. Developmental/Educational: We never age as long as we are learning. But make sure your training sources are good. I had a teacher of a way of eating who was fat and ill. Why would I want to be like him? I should have known he would copy other teacher's videos and act vindictively when called out on his poor performance. Instead, look for those that are generous, kind and informed. Life has no room for poor teachers. And you have no room for lost time.

5. Career/Financial: Try to find your passion in your work so, as they say, "you'll never really work a day." I didn't know that when I was young or perhaps thought that you could learn this passion, but that wasn't true for me. Maybe for you, but not me. I fought what was expected and tried what was necessary, and it felt rather than being proud of my results, that at each turn I had turned more remorse and sour. That's no way to live a life. Life is to be joyful. Life is to be lived with gratitude and love and well-being. Not doing my passion I had none of those. Now training those about my passion, I find abundance and peace.

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