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Married to The Other Political Party?

I actually belong to a support group for spouses married to a person that supports another political party. I am a political junkie and was very active in Washington, D.C. for 6 years as a lobbyist and attorney. I know the good and the bad. I worked for some of the guys that were prominent in the recent elections, and frankly never had respect for them and would never vote for them. This creates my own rosy lens through which I color my opinions. My husband has his own experience which is opposite of mine, and no doubt achieved through a different experience.

So how do you deal with a close relationship, a significant other, a marriage where politics are extremely important and there is not even a little likelihood of a meeting of the minds on the issues? On this one I'm stumped. I don't have an answer. I'd normally say talk it out. Find a compromise. See where you can agree. Create a list of priorities within your relationship or marriage and focus on that, instead of third parties. But frankly that isn't working for me either.

And in that group, there are many posts about dissolution and separation - sadly some from decades' old marriages. I think it is time to hold a couple FREE sessions on this to get perspective on this issue. Please join me.

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