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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these easy steps

That feeling of a tightening throat or chest may be signs that stress is creating anxiety in your life and you wish it wouldn’t. You’ve had enough stomach aches and migraines from the thought of problems. But what if you found coping techniques to help you reduce or even eliminate anxiety? And bring you peace and calm like you were the coolest cucumber on earth. Here are a few tips:

  • Breathe with purpose. Deeply. Full body using all your muscles to slowly breath in, hold for a bit, then breath out. Do this as you feel the oxygen filling your body fills you with energy and calm.

  • Focus on an important purpose. Remember when you were told that if you were shy you should focus on other’s needs to forget your shyness? Well it’s the same when you focus on a purpose and losing your anxiety. Do you need to be kind to others near you? Does someone need a hug or a good word? How about being helpful? Can you offer to water plants or sort out a pantry? If you focus on a purpose for yourself to others, no matter you lose sight of the anxiety you feel for yourself.

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